Lockdown Needlework Project: Day 1

I’ve been on Covid-19 lockdown since 4 March. Voluntarily at first; with my severe asthma that landed me in hospital four times in 2019 with respiratory problems I wasn’t taking any chances. Now I’m screening under orders from NHS Scotland for the foreseeable future, strongly advised not even to go to the wee shop downstairs for Haribos. After nine weeks of isolation my state pension finally came due. It wasn’t how I’d always envisaged marking my retirement but life is full of surprises.
To mark officially becoming an Old Lady (complete with cats), and because time is hanging heavy, I started a counted cross-stitch project with a kit ordered online. I started it on my Official Pension Day, 6 May. Let’s call that Day 0. Only on Day 1 have I decided to blog my progress, because, well, just because. So this is where I was on Day 1, which was yesterday.
Can you see what it is yet? No, of course not. I wonder how long it will be before somebody recognises it.

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