Lockdown Needlework Project: Day 6

Neither a lagomorph not an anatiform then. Sorry, Ludwig Wittgenstein! But something is definitely emerging, don’t you think? I had a good long session today. Time flies when you really get into it.

But time is strange these days anyway. Today I finally got my Scottish Government shielding letter. My twelve weeks initial lockdown period ends on 18 June, which rather suggests that I have already been officially locked-down for seven weeks. So why have I only got the letter today and missed out on some of the support facilities for so long? I’ve only got it now because I got Bill Kidd’s office to shake the tree for me. I also had a call from Gillian Watson at the Knightswood GP practice and she doesn’t know how I slipped through the net either. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow is care package day.

I did enjoy my bolognese on toast this evening. Made with care package mince, sealed in hot oil and then gently simmered with a chopped care package onion, chopped care package pepper (why is there no care package garlic?), a few anchovies, a dash of wine vinegar and some herbs. And no tomatoes! I have a passata crisis. Too bloody much of it. I could make a bean stew at some point though I suppose.

1 thought on “Lockdown Needlework Project: Day 6”

  1. Have you not had any tins of chopped toms or even tom paste in your care packages?

    Onto the needlework….. I see nothing emerging although I’d have guessed at a feline image of sorts because needlework, olde ladies and cats go hand in hand, right?

    Andy who don’t you use milk? Maybe a good quiche will use the eggs and then some milk as I’m assuming there is flour in your stash?

    Keep on needle blogging, love the read and knowing you are safe.

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