Lockdown Needlework Project: Day 7

Can you see what it is yet? I did a good seven hours on it today and it flew by. I also had to put it on a new hoop: the screw on the old one shattered as I was tightening it after repositioning the fabric. Oh well, let’s hope this one holds up because I don’t have another one.

And it’s happy 70th birthday Stevland Morris, aka Stevie Wonder, who is only a tad more than four years older than me despite seeming to have been around forever. Actually I was 11 when I first became aware of him; that was when he was among the first wave of artists to get their first wide exposure in Britain after EMI set up the Tamla Motown label in 1965 to distribute the output of the Motown Corporation. Enthusiastic Northern Soulers (including The Beatles) had known about Smokey Robinson and The Marvellettes for years of course, seeking out the records than came into Liverpool Docks as ballast on cargo ships. Stevie Wonder had also been around for a few years; a child prodigy several years before Michael Jackson that Berry Gordy didn’t really know what to do with, He had some success in the 60s once he started writing his own songs but, like Marvin Gaye, only really blossomed in the 70s after the Motown empire imploded and he was free to do his own things. That decade produced three classic albums: Talking Book, Innervision and the quite magnificent Songs In The Key Of Life, which was the zenith of his career. I’ve listened to it three times in a row as I stitched.

Happy birthday Stevie! No, not that one – that wasn’t really one of your monuments.

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