Lockdown Needlework Project: Day 12

It was a trying session. At one point I lost two needles in quick succession (by mounting a thorough search at the end of the day with my telescopic magnet gizmo I managed to retrieve my full complement of three) and after a particularly nasty tangle I ended up spending considerable time backtracking and redoing. If that had been yesterday I would probably have burst into tears and hurled the whole lot at the wall so it’s a good job I woke this morning feeling much more together. I soldiered on when perhaps I should have walked away, but I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Needlework Project: Day 12”

    1. I should perhaps point out that the convention is to start from the middle of the picture and broadly to work from left to right and top to bottom. What you see so far is the south-east quadrant of the whole picture. The top left corner of what you see is just to the left of the centre of the picture. One landmark I should have mentioned is that today I reach the right-hand edge of the whole.

      Anyway, it will be fun for you to see it gradually emerging!

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